a. The Fryeburg Farmers’ Market (FFM) is located on the lawn of the Fryeburg Historical Society.

b. The Market is officially open Sundays from 10:00 to 2:00; June 23 – Sept 22.

c. The market will be held rain or shine.

d. Dates, times and locations may vary from year to year as decided by the steering committee.


a. The FFM will be sponsored by the Upper Saco Cultural Alliance (USCA).

b. USCA will serve as the liaison between the market and the town of Fryeburg to coordinate space arrangements, parking restrictions, and other logistical details.

c. USCA will provide General Liability Insurance to the FFM. Individual vendors may wish to carry their own insurance in addition to the coverage provided by USCA but it will not be required.

d. USCA may assist with advertising and other services as approved by the steering committee.

e. USCA will establish a separate budget account for all funds collected from the FFM and will expend these resources only with the approval of the FFM steering committee.


a. All new members are subject to the approval of the steering committee.

b. Application for membership is open to all local farmers; meat, poultry and dairy producers; fishermen or distributors of seafood products; producers of fiber products; producers of value-added items such as baked goods and preserves.

c. New applications will be reviewed prior to and throughout the season. Applications may be accepted with the stipulation that certain products on the application are excluded from acceptance and may not be brought to market.

d. Applications submitted by prospective members will be voted upon when there is sufficient space to allow an additional vendor. If there is no space available, a waiting list will be maintained.

e. All continuing members will complete applications annually.

f. Simple majority votes carry the motion.


a. Members are expected to stay until the market closes on each market day unless they are “sold out.”

b. Members may arrive up to one hour prior to opening time for the purpose of setting up their displays. Members should not arrive earlier than necessary for them to be ready for business at opening time. No sales are to take place before market hours.

c. Members are encouraged to participate in all Market activities.

d. Members are expected to attend all days committed to, on their application. If unable to be present, they are expected to notify the Market Manager prior to the start of that market. If a vendor is absent for three times without just cause, he/she is subject to review by the steering committee.


a. Dues may include an annual, non-refundable fee of $20, due by the first day of the market of the current market year, plus a $5 daily fee for each market day attended, payable to the Market Manager on each market day.

b. Checks should be made payable to “USCA”.


a. The number of available spaces will be determined annually by the steering committee.

b. All members must display signs that display their name and address in a prominent manner every day they are at market. Prices for all items should be clearly displayed.

c. In order to reduce conflict between members and to avoid any disorientation of customers, each member will be assigned a vendor space by the Market Manager at the beginning of the season. Members are expected to respect this arrangement and set up in their allocated space. If a member is not in attendance for a market day, adjacent vendors may move into the space to fill in the hole and maintain the continuity of the market. If a member’s absence becomes routine, their space may be permanently reallocated so that continuity is maintained at the market.

d. Members are limited to one vehicle/booth per market. Vendor space is defined as a 12ft by 12 ft space.

e. Members are expected to maintain a neat and tasteful display. Each member is required to clean up his/her space at the end of the market day. Trash is carry-in, carry-out.

f. No pets or livestock will be allowed at the market, unless approved by the steering committee.


a. All products, which include but are not limited to: vegetables, seedlings, herbs, preserves, fresh-cut and dried flowers, honey, meats, poultry, seafood, dairy products, crafts, etc., sold at the FFM must be grown or made by the vendor. Items offered for sale must be fresh and of the highest quality. Buying products for resale at our Market is prohibited.

b. Vendors wishing to bring new items must so state on their annual applications for review by the steering committee. Those wishing to introduce new products after the beginning of the season must notify vendors offering similar products and obtain steering committee approval.

c. Farm visits by member volunteers will be made as needed to ensure a member’s production of what is being offered for sale.

d. A state scale inspector may visit the market during the season to check the accuracy of your scales.

e. Each week a limited number of different handcrafters, one musician, one food truck, and one local not-for-profit will be offered vending spaces. These will be approved beforehand by the steering committee and will be assigned on a rotating basis. Handcrafters and food trucks will be expected to pay the weekly market fee for that week. Musicians may busk and may be paid by the FFM an amount set by the steering committee.

f. All vendors selling processed baked goods must have their processing facility in Maine or New Hampshire and be licensed by their state’s Department of Agriculture. Copies of all pertinent licenses must be on file with the Market.

The vendor must process all dairy products in a Dairy compliant facility in Maine or New Hampshire. They must be transported and displayed in accordance with Maine Agriculture Guidelines. Jams and acidulated foods major ingredients must be processed in Maine or New Hampshire. All fruits, vegetables, and herbs must be Maine or New Hampshire grown.

All baked goods must be made “by scratch” by the Vendor in Maine or New Hampshire, no mixes. All home-processed or baked products should use, as much as reasonably possible, fresh produce from the vendor or a local farmer in Maine or New Hampshire. Priority will be given to vendors using Maine butter, fruits, eggs, maple syrup, and grains.


a. Knowledge of and compliance with all state regulations regarding the production, labeling, display and sale of all products at the Fryeburg Farmers’ Market is the responsibility of the individual vendor. Copies of all applicable licenses and certifications must be included with the Vendor Application.

b. All producers of home-processed items such as honey, maple syrup, jams, jellies, relishes and home-canned goods are required by law to obtain the proper licenses from the Department of Agriculture. Vendors are responsible for collecting their own sales tax.


a. Members must present themselves in an appropriate manner, dress, and state of cleanliness. Shirts must be worn.

b. There will be no alcohol consumption or any smoking or vaping on the Market premises by any member.

c. Members should behave in a cooperative manner with other members. No hawking or calling out to attract buyers to your goods is permitted.

d. Vendors must display farm or business names and addresses in a prominent manner each market day.

e. Vendors will provide some means of posting prices of all products offered for sale.


a. When two or more vendors on any market day believe that the selling practices of another vendor are detrimental to the Market, they may ask the Market Manager to address the issue with the vendor.

b. If the situation cannot be resolved by the Market Manager, a special meeting of the steering committee shall be called. A majority of those present at that special meeting may require that the detrimental practices be changed to conform to membership standards. Failure to do so may be cause for immediate dismissal if so voted by a majority of the committee.