Upper Saco Cultural Alliance provides spaces and networking for practical, creative and educational programs and activities in the communities of the Upper Saco River valley.


USCA cultivates emotional and mental health among our community by providing welcoming, multi-generational, activity based spaces and events.  We will encourage interdisciplinary and age-integrated connections by providing studio, office and meeting spaces to implement comradeship and evolve a honeycomb of support  among the people of our area. We will create a network connecting people’s skills and interests and activities with our website, Center and outreach events.


Team members and staff will build a safe, secure and peaceful environment contributing to continual learning, connectivity and growth amongst ourselves and our greater community.  We will encourage leadership skill building and advocate for honoring diversity and fairness in all our dealings. It is important to maintain a friendly atmosphere of mutual respect while creating a challenging, adventurous and creative experience for all involved. USCA is a crossroads where individuals and groups, work and play, art and craft, body and spirit come together to celebrate and flourish.


USCA members are encouraged to contribute to  the development of our organization through committee work.

PROGRAMS – Organizing opportunities for community members to share and learn from each other through skill building, knowledge sharing and social gathering. 

FUNDRAISING – An Event calendar, donor development, grant writing and community engagement opportunities to provide long term financial sustainability. 

COMMUNICATION – Print and digital publishing, PR and community news about how to get involved with USCA and USCA partners.

FACILITIES – Creating, repurposing and maintaining community spaces for shared use and social interaction.


Upper Saco Cultural Alliance provides spaces and networking for practical, creative and educational programs and activities in the communities of the Upper Saco River valley.

PresidentThomas Rebmann

Master carpenter, designer and independent contractor, Tom has worked many roles in the Upper Saco Valley.  Besides being a sought-after builder and creator, Tom is a member of the arts community as a musician, set designer, actor and former music store owner.  He serves on several community boards, including the town Planning Board, RERC development committee and is a key consultant on the rebuild and restoration of the Majestic Theater for Mountain Top Music school.

VP / TreasurerKelisha Ryan

Keli is co-owner of Spice and Grain, a local grocery and health foods store.  At the center of town, Keli and her husband Ray, provide good food, and a vibrant space for community engagement on issues of healthy eating, outdoor recreation and social networking. She manages a commercial kitchen and teaches cooking classes. She is the editor and writes for the community newsletter, the Dragonfly.

Recorder, Greg Huang-Dale

Greg is chair of the ESOL department at Fryeburg Academy.  He has served on several municipal boards and committees and sees community development as key to resilient healthy living in rural Maine.  Greg has previous experience in the non-profit area through his church and school.  Greg and his family have lived in the Fryeburg area since 2006.

Board Member, Charles Linden
Art Director, Graphic Designer, Website and Longboard maker. Charles has many years of Marketing and Design experience.